Educate your child through the game
and augmented reality technologies
Educate your child through the game
and augmented reality technologies
Augmented reality sandbox for education and play
Aris offers new, high-tech educational engagement and playability. It combines augmented reality technology with sandplay. Children mold kinetic sand into miniature mountains and rivers, draw or tap on it as if on a tablet screen. And Aris brings the sand to life right before their eyes.
Powerful and safe tool for child development
Unlike games on a tablet, sandplay provides much richer tactile feedback. Fine motor skills also positively affect speech and cognitive development. From an early age it helps develop perseverance, concentration, imagination and thinking in general!
A new way to play with sand
Aris comes with a number of games developed together with child psychologists.
Why Aris?
Child developing
From an early age Aris helps children to develop perseverance and concentration
No adult supervision required
Aris is designed to be safe and interesting for children of different ages. They can play and learn something new at the same time without close supervision by adults
Sleek design
Aris is not only compact and portable. With its streamlined design, this sandbox fits any home and interior to bring joy to children
Compact and lightweight
Unlike regular sandboxes that can be found in shopping malls and weight 139−160 kg, Aris does not require much space. It can be easily placed on a table or in a corner of a room
Grows with your child
From 3−5 years old to 6−9 years old: Aris grows as your child does. With Android under the hood, it can be used to download and play tap-based games and educational apps
Kinetic sand included
Play material that feels like wet sand under the touch and features unique physical properties
Kinetic play sand
Aris comes together with kinetic play sand. This sand is easily molded, does not stick to the hands and is easy to clear from dirt if it got mixed with sand during play. Moreover, it has a special antibacterial addon to eliminate any danger for a child.
Amazing range of sands
Sand molding can be innovative. Our play sands have unique physical properties that widen the range of ideas you can implement with sand.
Pre-order starts from spring 2018
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Preorder starts in spring 2018
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